Choosing the right wood and then the right color for that wood is such a critical choice in any kitchen renovation, and one that’s all too often overlooked. There are so many different wood species to choose from, but that doesn’t seem to make it any easier, does it?

Which Wood Fits Where?

This can be a tough decision but we’ll help make it a whole lot easier for you. We’ll listen to what overall look you’re trying to accomplish and then show you samples that we feel will blend perfectly with your home and kitchen style. Getting this decision right is critical. Quartersawn White Oak, for example, is one of the very best choices for a Mission style kitchen, but in a lakeside cottage, it may not look that good.  Or let’s say that you really want Cherry cabinets in your rustic farmhouse. Traditionally, farmhouses were not that formal, so in this case I might suggest a common wood species and finish such as a painted Maple and then use Cherry for a few special accent pieces.  Just as with everything else in our work, it’s certainly about what you want, but we’ll help guide you to decisions that are both right for you and home.

Could you make it just a little more…?

I sure can! A little lighter, a little darker, a little more of whatever it takes to make it amazing! Once we determine which wood species you’d like to go with, I then start the process of creating samples for you.  I usually start by showing you samples that I already have and then customize them for you until they’re perfect. This is just one more of those little extra miles we travel to ensure your happiness!

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