Customizations that leave customers absolutely stunned are my specialty. There’s nothing that I like more than planning and executing the perfect kitchen remodel. Getting everything just right means a customer walks into his or her new kitchen with that special “wow” look on their faces. That wow factor, though, isn’t from my point of view; it’s from YOUR point of view.  When we work together, I find out exactly what makes YOU go “wow,” and that’s precisely what we deliver . . .YOUR wow factor!

Designing the Wow

When you walk into someone else’s kitchen, even if you like certain design elements of it, the chances are good that you’re not going to absolutely love everything. After all, it wasn’t designed especially for you.  In fact, it may not have even been designed to truly meet their needs either!

Every single one of our kitchen remodels work like this. First, we start by carefully listening to your needs. Along the way, we ask a lot of questions. We discuss your likes and dislikes, appliances decisions, time frames, budgets, things you love and things you, well . . . don’t love!

As I work to design your kitchen, I want to know how the kitchen is used, who does most of the cooking, whether meal prep is a joint effort, whether you’re left or right handed, etc. I’m not just curious. Only after I get these kinds of answers can I begin to design a kitchen that will work perfectly for you.

Before the building process starts, we meet again to show you what I’ve come up with.  And as before, I listen to your every word about the floor plan and initial design concept.   This, too, is a critical point in the design stage because all of your comments and feedback are what help us to truly shape your dream kitchen.

After final approval and once the formalities are taken care of, I then go to work creating our shop cut-lists so that we can start the actual process of building what WE’VE come up with.  For me, the ultimate satisfaction is to design and build a kitchen that elevates your overall cooking experience!

Delivering the WOW!

No kitchen I create will be perfect unless it’s perfect for you. I’m not happy until you are. To learn more or set up a consultation, please contact us today.