What Is the “Wow” Factor In Our Kitchens?

Customizations that leave customers absolutely stunned are my specialty. There’s nothing that I like more than planning and executing the perfect kitchen remodel. Getting everything just right means a customer walks into his or her new kitchen with that special “wow” look on their faces. That wow factor, though, isn’t from my point of view; it’s from YOUR point of view.  When we work together, I find out exactly what makes YOU go “wow,” and that’s precisely what we deliver . . .YOUR wow factor! Read More

Is a Component Kitchen Renovation Right For You?

Looking to freshen up your current kitchen, but you’re on a limited budget? You’re not alone. Of all the potential remodels in a home, the kitchen is one of the most popular. Given how essential it is to a home, it’s little wonder why. A kitchen remodel can do amazing things, not only for your productivity at home, but also for the value of your home. Unfortunately, it sometimes comes with a pretty high price tag, too. Is there a better way to get a revitalized kitchen without the complete renovation price tag? Absolutely! A Component Kitchen Renovation is the way to go in this situation, and we’re experts at it! Read More

Marrying Your Kitchen Style to Your Home

One of the biggest considerations for most people as they design a new kitchen is choosing a style. Looking through architectural magazines, home design books, and sites like Houzz.com can certainly be inspiring, but it can also lead you to a kitchen that might not be such a perfect choice for your home. Wondering why? Kitchen styles should, as much as possible, take your overall home style into account during the course of your kitchen renovation. Read More

Houzz-Friendly Designs

As you think toward shifting your home into your perfect space, you may find that you’re quickly overwhelmed with ideas, some of which don’t always translate well into words or even basic stick figure sketches. Where can you turn to help communicate your ideas and turn them into reality?

Enter Houzz. Read More