Looking to freshen up your current kitchen, but you’re on a limited budget? You’re not alone. Of all the potential remodels in a home, the kitchen is one of the most popular. Given how essential it is to a home, it’s little wonder why. A kitchen remodel can do amazing things, not only for your productivity at home, but also for the value of your home. Unfortunately, it sometimes comes with a pretty high price tag, too. Is there a better way to get a revitalized kitchen without the complete renovation price tag? Absolutely! A Component Kitchen Renovation is the way to go in this situation, and we’re experts at it!

What It Is

The opportunity to change just a few things in your kitchen, rather than re-do your entire kitchen, is the key to this strategy’s success. When you price an entire kitchen renovation, you might be shocked at the overall cost. Fortunately, there are a few simpler and smaller things you can do to get the new look you want without blowing your budget. We specialize in coming up with a plan that creatively updates your kitchen while keeping the cost much lower than that of an entire renovation. Not all kitchens are good candidates for this option, but some are, and we would be happy to discuss all of your options with you.

What It Isn’t

A Component Renovation isn’t for you if you absolutely don’t like the current layout, function, and design of your kitchen. If you feel like you simply need to start from scratch, that’s certainly the best choice, and together, we can make it great!