One of the biggest considerations for most people as they design a new kitchen is choosing a style. Looking through architectural magazines, home design books, and sites like can certainly be inspiring, but it can also lead you to a kitchen that might not be such a perfect choice for your home. Wondering why? Kitchen styles should, as much as possible, take your overall home style into account during the course of your kitchen renovation.

The Importance of Style

When you bought your home, the overall style was probably one of the first things that attracted you to it. Whether it’s an antique cape, a two story Federal or simply a lakeside cottage, it has unique elements that you love, right? Re-doing the kitchen could change the design balance of your home. Sure, a Mission style kitchen looks amazing in a Mission style home, but it may not look quite so amazing in a farmhouse style home. What’s more though, is that choosing the wrong style for your kitchen can potentially damage the value of your home and just might leave the prospective buyer passing on an otherwise perfect home. They might not be able to put their finger on exactly what’s wrong, but they will instinctively know that something just doesn’t feel right.

But Wait, I Want The Latest and Greatest!

Some people are afraid that there’s just no way to have an antique style kitchen with the latest and greatest in modern conveniences.  Well, I’m here to tell you that you can absolutely have all those features without compromising on style.  Sure, you can use cabinetry panels to conceal appliances, but we pride ourselves on finding very creative solutions to incorporate all the features that you’re looking for in your new kitchen.  We take our time with you to learn as much as possible about what you really want and need, and then together we make it happen!

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